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S.T.A.R.T. Project

"Gabriele d'Annunzio" University of Chieti-Pescara. The "Gabriele d'Annunzio" University was established in 1965 as a "Free University" and became state University in the 1982. University "G. d'Annunzio", is made up of fourteen departments, who are divided between the two campuses of Chieti and Pescara, in Chieti is located the registered office of the University with the offices of the Rectory and General Management. Despite the young history, the "G. d 'Annunzio" is at the forefront for facilities, equipment and training and records a steady increase in the student population, which counts the number of about 30,000 students enrolled in its undergraduate courses. In an urban and metropolitan contest characterized by an high degree of receptivity and livability, the "G. d 'Annunzio" aims to offer an Teaching highly skilled and diversified, without neglecting the engagement opportunities in the leisure of their students through many proposals recreational, sporting, cultural.

Guidance Services for students and graduates. In order to support the students of secondary schools in the challenging choice of university course best suited to their abilities, to support him in the university studies, in order to avoid that possible errors in the initial evaluation are translated into the causes of delay or abandonment of the path taken, and to facilitate, finally, the entry into the labor market and professions, the Gabriele d'Annunzio University offers a number of services in the area of university orientation and to employment divided into:

  • orientation input, for students of the last years of secondary school;
  • orientation in progress, aimed at students already enrolled;
  • orientation and placement outgoing, open to undergraduates and graduates.

The objective of the Sector "Guidance, Counselling and Placement", of the "d'Annunzio" University, is the design and implementation of "integrated services", with a view to continuous improvement, as well as the dissemination of a culture of participatory orientation and aware that contribute to increased and strengthen the quality of the University. For the purposes of the pursuit of this goals the Sector operates in conjunction with internal and external stakeholders (locals, nationals and internationals), through a series of activities, to accompany the student population in the fundamental stages of cultural and professional training, that is, in the stages of transition from School at the University and by the latter to the World of Work.

Output Orientation and Placement. The output orientation from the Study is intended as specifically guidance for inclusion in the World of Work of undergraduates and graduates. To this end, the University "Gabriele d'Annunzio" has activated a veritable structure for increasing employment and the employability of its members through the experimentation of assisted paths of accompanying the work. The output orientation is organized along the lines of intervention envisaged by the Program Guidance postgraduate University named START. The word START is used as an acronym for Apprenticeships, Higher Education, Research, Territory (Stage, Tirocini, Ricerca, Territorio). Launched in 2005, the START program was established with the intention of consolidating an effective network of relationships between universities, businesses and research systems, to facilitate the development of a virtuous circle of relationships and services aimed at:

  • siplify "communication" between the Companies and the University;
  • give consistency and continuity in the transition to the work of skilled resources of the knowledge, to allow the local and national economic/productive system the comparison with the ongoing challenges of the market.

The Employment Services available to students, graduates and companies (local, national and foreign companies) are managed through an apposite Internet tool called Job. In this area is ranks the participation of the University to the "Cliclavoro" project supported by the Ministry of Labour. This allow the connection between "START" and the net named "Bag Labour" and makes it possible to students and graduates, through the counters activated in the Campus Chieti and Pescara, enter their curricula in the virtual national work market.

Services for graduates. Provision of information:

  • services offered by the placement;
  • on the production system and local business;
  • on company profiles required.

Guidance for defining professional projects and on pathways for placement, through :

  • meetings guidance on the techniques of active job search;
  • support for the development of the CV and letters of presentation;
  • individual interviews for the identification and analysis of skills held;
  • paths of self-and hetero-evaluation;
  • training modules on the relational dynamics in the world of work and inserting in organizational contexts.

Services for Companies. Provision of information:

  • services offered by the placement;
  • laws relating to the labor market;
  • facilitation and legal benefits for enterprises;
  • the types and specificity of the different forms of contract.

Analysis of professional needs:

  • recognition of professional needs;
  • formalization of the job profile that emerged from the survey;
  • activation of internships;
  • research of professionalism you want for the purpose of placement.

The service is offered in the form bidirectional. Indeed it offers to graduates the opportunity to entry into the labor market and to the businesses the opportunity to identify and assess the graduates closer to the rofessionals deemed necessary to its activities. The match is managed through the Internet tool "Job".
Access and registration to the platform enables:

  • to graduates, set up an profile to the placement actions,
  • to companies, serve ads or enable research, to find for the professionals they need.

At this stage, the Placement Office shall (either demand side that the supply side), to:

  • publication of notices of job offers coming directly by businesses and other entities;
  • pre-selection of a shortlist of candidates for internships or for employement;
  • selection for specific requests and subsequent management of the talks for companies that do request;
  • information on the procedure for the activation of the internship;
  • assistance in the preparation of training plans and assignment of tutors;
  • supervision of training courses;
  • legal advice / contracts for any type stabilization.

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